• Stage Race: please visit the Stage Race 2016 page.
  • 60K: Park Creek Campground
  • 25K: Fall Creek Trailhead (~20M mark of the 60k race).  Watch for signs on Trail Creek Road and Wildhorse Canyon Rd directing you to the Start and Finish Line


  • Stage Race, 60K & 25K: All races finish at the Star Hope Campground

Over 85% of the 60K race runs on sweet high-country singletrack!

GPS Files: Available here.

Aid Station Chart

If these aren’t updated by April Fool’s Day, harass the RD.

Garmin Map: reviewed 14 April 2015

2014 Standhope Overview Map
2015 Standhope 60K course. Over 11,000 feet of climb for the whole race! Can we make this harder, hmmm?
25K overview map
25K overview map.  This is the Bob Rosso 25K.

Updated start to the course.


Map 5 Standhope




Written Overview of the 60K Course:

  • The race will start at Park Creek Campground. From here, runners will head uphill to the Summit Creek Trailhead (where the big Challis National Forest sign is).
  • Taking a left, runners will head up the trail. This trail is quite popular and ascends through many nice meadows and through the trees a lot. About 5 miles into the race, you will hit the first high point of the race, at approx. 9,500 ft.
  • From here, plunge down the Right Fork Kane Creek Trail. You will continue descending for a few miles until you get to the Kane Lake Trailhead, which is where a water drop will be.
  • Follow the road for 2.7 miles until you come to the first major aid station, Kane Creek Canyon. It is right at 10.5 miles.
  • From here you will start ascending the Burnt Aspen Trail. Be sure to grab a few snapshots of the Devil’s Bedstead West and Kane Creek Canyon. You will climb steeply for a while then the grade will ease to a comfortable uphill.
  • After about 5 miles, you will greet the top of the climb over looking Wildhorse Canyon and the Boulder Lake Cirque, a sight to behold. You start descending the Boulder Creek Trail toward Wildhorse Canyon. This is a very pretty trail with lots of alpine views, a slot canyon, and some of the most bomber downhill I have run. You can make really good time on this trail once you hit the 8,800′ mark.
  • Fly down to Wildhorse Canyon and cross the creek to Wildhorse Canyon Aid Station.
  • From here, head north 2.2 miles to Fall Creek Canyon Trailhead. You’ll follow a mix of dirt road and ATV track to this aid station.
  • At Fall Creek, mile 20.4, the real fun begins (you can have a pacer from here). Follow incredible views as you traverse the Fall Creek Trail toward Surprise Valley. You’ll see a pyramid-shaped mountain off to the left, that is Standhope Peak, about 4,500 feet higher than your current elevation.
  • Follow the trail signs to Surprise Valley and begin the steep ascent. You’ll reach Surprise Valley after a while and will continue to ascend through the valley, but at an easier pitch. Be sure to watch for the course markings, as there literally isn’t a trail in many spots; but the grassy valley is easy hiking and well worth a few pictures (as you stop for thin air at 10K feet).
  • Continue the alpine saddle trail to Betty Lake and take in a few moments when you reach the top at 11K feet, while you consider how incredible your journey has been this far.
  • Run the trail down to Betty Lake, then hike to the saddle above Goat Lake, the highest lake in Idaho.
  • At this point, you’ll continue the agressive uphill
  • From here, you’ll drop to Baptie Lake aid station where our hike-in aid station will be. Be sure to thank the volunteers profusely for their 5 mile, 2,300′ ascent to give you a hand.
  • From here, destroy your quads as you head downhill several miles to the White Mountains trail junction.
  • One more hard climb from here, then it’s all easy downhill to the finish line. A chair awaits you :-)