Welcome to the Standhope Ultra Challenge (the SUC)! This is a four day, 83 mile point-to-point stage race through the Smoky & Pioneer Mountains on August 12th-15th, 2015. This is not a beginner-level ultra. The race peaks out at 11,000 feet over rough terrain and passes along the shores of Goat Lake, the highest lake in Idaho. Entrants will be rewarded with a truly breathtaking mountain run. Check out the Course page for topo maps and an elevation profile. To connect with other runners, visit our Facebook page.

News & Updates:

  • Registration Kickoff Party!  Join us January 3rd, 2015 at 3:00 PM at The Elephant’s Perch in downtown Ketchum.  We will have hot drinks, refreshments, a little bit of a raffle, DISCOUNTED early bird race entries, and a FREE entry giveaway.  We will go on a little run afterwards too.
  • Results are up!
  • ARPKD/CHF Quilt Raffle:  We will raffle off a very nice HANDMADE quilt made specifically for the Standhope ARPKD/CHF Alliance charity drive.  Raffle tickets are $5 each and can be purchased at the race or checks can be made out to Standhope 60K LLC P.O. Box 1253 Challis, ID 83226.  Quilt1
  • We will have a shuttle!  It will be very limited.  It can be purchased at registration.  If you have already registered, please contact the RD immediately.  More info on the Info Page.
  • Capping the race at 200 total entrants!  Get in while it’s still good…
  • Listen to the official Standhope 60k Theme Song, composed by your RD Ben Trail Thrasher Blessing.
  • Welcome Restwise and Omnibar as our most recent sponsors! The Restwise recovery monitoring system lets athletes and their coaches understand their recovery state, so they can intelligently balance training with rest…and get the most out of each workout. Restwise has helped runners from first timers to Olympic medalists achieve their goals.Try Restwise free for 30 days and save 10%.
  • Announcing The SUC!  We are adding a four day stage race to Standhope in 2015.  Check it out here!
  • We now have an imgur gallery!  Check it out: http://imgur.com/a/bQDkp
  • Like us on Facebook and Twitter!  It is hard to believe it, but we are less than 6 months out now!
  • Registration is open with  150 spots available for the 60K. Come get it before it fills up this year :-) If you volunteered at Wild Idaho, IMTUF, Standhope, or NNU 100 last year, contact the RD first before you register ;-)
  • January 19: Course update! We will be changing the finish line to please our biggest sponsors, the Salmon-Challis National Forest. The race will now end at Star Hope Campground, adding two miles and another 850 feet of climb to our lovely course!
  • Christmas Day 2013:We are happy to announce the addition of a 25K race.  This will cover the most remote and scenic portion of the race, starting at Fall Creek Trailhead and doing the last 15 or so miles of the 60K.  Registration will open up 1 week after the 60K.  Watch the website for details!
  • November 2013: Standhope 2014_Aid Station Manual

September 2013 First annual Standhope in the books:  We had 45 starters and 36 finishers for an overall finish rate of 80%. Congrats to everybody who ran this “mini Hardrock” and got it done! See you all in 2014!

  • Results are here.
  • Hank Dart’s pictures are here.
  • Brian’s report for the Times News in Twin Falls is here.

The official charity of the Standhope 60K Ultramarathon is the ARPKD/CHF Alliance. Let’s find a cure for this kidney disease!

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