2015 Stage Race!

The Standhope 60K will continue in 2015, and it will also be Day Four of the Standhope Ultra Challenge (The SUC).

25 February 2015 Update: New course for Day One.

26 December 2014 Update: 2 person teams will be allowed.  You must both run the entire stage race together at all times, never being more than 100′ from each other during the race.  If one person DNFs, the other forfeits their ability to continue on.  You must come up with an original team name.  The fastest team over the course of four days will be showered with cheap champagne at the finish line and receive a foot massage from the race director.

August 12-15, 2015

88 miles; 26,000′ vertical
Registration opens August 16, 2014

Entry Fee: $300
Price increases January 1st & June 1st
Limited to 50 runners.

Here are the GPS files.

Day 1: 18.4 miles. approx. 6,000′+/6’000-
Pioneer Cabin Loop



Day 2: 14.5 miles. 4012 up/4886 down
East Fork Baker Creek Campground to Fox Creek Trailhead

Day Two Map and Profile

Day 3: 18.0 miles. 6035 up/4261 down
Lake Creek Trailhead to Park Creek Campground

Day Three Map and Profile

Highlights:  High Ridge Trail, Pioneer Mountains Skyline

Day 4: 37.5 miles is the Standhope 60K race; ~11K vertical
Park Creek Campground to Star Hope Campground.

Highlights: Surprise Valley, Copper Basin, Goat Lake

Breakfast and dinner will not be provided each day. 4Runners are encouraged to enjoy the city and cuisine of Ketchum and Sun Valley.

Race housing will not be provided. Bring a tent or whatever appeals to you to sleep in. Camping at the Wood River Campground is included in your entry.

Each runner will be limited to one large drop bag.

Volunteers from 2014 will get first dibs on registration. This race WILL sell out.


The stage race is meant to provide the racers with an amazing adventure and the chance to bond with fellow competitors after the race!

13 Responses to “2015 Stage Race!”

  • Hi,

    I’m registered for the long race in early August… and am totally stoked. I am also working to qualify for the Ultra Mont Blanc in 2015, and would love to know if you would be willing to submit the documentation for the Standhope Marather to be included in the qualification race list, so that I may earn some points to that end?

    If you are interested, I can supply all of the appropriate links.

    Also, could you email your reply back to me rather than posting on this site? THANKS!

    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing back from you,

  • Tammy Hunter says:

    Hi there, very interested in your 2015 stage race. Can you email me when registration opens up? I know you only have 50 spots. Thanks!!! Tammy

  • Sarah Torres says:

    Do you also plan to host the Standhope 25K again next year? Have you set the date? I participated last year and it changed my life! I hope I have the opportunity to do it again!

  • Maxwell says:

    Hi Ben-
    Wondering if teams of 2 with runners racing alternate days is an option for the Stage Race?


    • Ben Blessing says:

      It is an interesting thought, but I think I want the race to remain a “solo” effort. I will consider it for 2016 though. If you have a friend who is interested in just running the course, I will have a need for sweeps, and that doesn’t cost anything.

      • Maxwell says:

        Thanks. Good to know about sweeps. Let me know if something changes. I know of at least a couple teams of two that would be interested in signing up and running alternate days. While 4 days of mountain running is definitely attractive to many , I think there are those who worry about being able to run every day. Either way, I’m looking forward to participating at some level! Thanks for organizing!

    • Ben Blessing says:

      Teams of two runners will be allowed. Both members of the team need to run the entire four-day course together for it to count.

  • Jeff says:

    So am I right that you can only sign up as a single racer and not in pairs?

  • Jolie says:

    Curious to know if you can sign up for the stage race but run the 25K the last day in substitution for the 60K……….

    The race looks amazing!

    • Ben Blessing says:

      It is an idea, but I couldn’t do it. It would defeat the challenge of the 60K the last day. I’ll be doing belt buckles for all finishers, because it is a pretty serious undertaking. I encourage you to take courage and go for it :-)

  • Jolie says:

    I understand, if you change your mind please let me know because I have about 4 people who would be interested in signing up!

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