2015 Stage Race!

You may have heard a rumor of it, and it’s true!  The Standhope 60K will continue in 2015, and it will also be Day Four of the Standhope Ultra Challenge (The SUC).    Here are the GPS files.  Here are the stats:

Day One: 12.9 miles.  Prairie Lakes Trailhead to East Fork Baker Creek Campground

Day One Map and Profile

Day Two: 14.5 miles. East Fork Baker Creek Campground to Fox Creek Trailhead

Day Two Map and Profile

Day Three: 18.0 miles.  Lake Creek Trailhead to Park Creek Campground.

Day Three Map and Profile

Highlights:  High Ridge Trail, Pioneer Mountains Skyline

Day Four: 37.5 miles (Standhope 60K).  Park Creek Campground to Star Hope Campground.

83 miles, 23,000′ vert.

Highlights: Surprise Valley, Copper Basin, Goat Lake.

Breakfast and dinner will not provided each day.  Runners are encouraged to enjoy the city and cuisine of Ketchum and Sun Valley.  Race housing will not be provided, bring a tent to sleep in or whatever appeals to you.  Included in your entry is camping at the Wood River Campground.  Each runner will be limited to one large drop bag.  Entry Fee is $300, with price increases happening January 1st and June 1st.  Registration will open one week after Standhope 2014.  We are limiting the stage race to 50 runners!  Volunteers from the 2013 will get first dibs on registration.  It WILL sell out.

The stage race is meant to provide the racers with an amazing adventure and the chance to bond with fellow competitors after the race!


One response to “2015 Stage Race!”

  • Hi,

    I’m registered for the long race in early August… and am totally stoked. I am also working to qualify for the Ultra Mont Blanc in 2015, and would love to know if you would be willing to submit the documentation for the Standhope Marather to be included in the qualification race list, so that I may earn some points to that end?

    If you are interested, I can supply all of the appropriate links.

    Also, could you email your reply back to me rather than posting on this site? THANKS!

    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing back from you,

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